What is IELTS

Know the Format of IELTS Exam Understand the Grading System Sections and Components Understand Band Score

The IELTS examination is a collaborative effort of the British Council, IDP, and Cambridge to assess English language competency. It is intended for international test takers that have English language needs for further college, immigration, or perhaps even job training. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most widely used tests internationally - whether for higher education, employment, or immigration.

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It is one of the world's most broadly recognized standardized tests. In 135 countries around the globe, this standardized test is accepted by 1000+ regional and global universities, academic sites and professional associations. As a result, IELTS holds some weight when it comes to helping you prove your ability to manoeuver in an English-language based nation - which is why it's important to hold yourself to a high standard when studying for this exam in order to get good results!

Format of IELTS Exam

IELTS is divided into two sections: one for students and the other for all employment-related migrants entering the nation. Students must pass the writing test along with three of the four remaining categories, which are reading, listening, speaking and writing as well. The listening test will not be taken if a person only wants to study ESL in Australia but it may still be required in other English-speaking nations like England or America.

Four Grading Systems

There are four grading systems (i.e., general, academic, CAE [Cambridge Advanced English] & Proficiency. If you wish to move to Australia (or another English-speaking nation) you should meet their language proficiency requirements which in most cases means that you need a minimum of at least 6.5 bands because this certificate sets apart qualified migrants from those with lower levels of language proficiency who are likely to struggle economically and face challenges at work or school.

Two Separate Parts of the IELTS Exam

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is divided into two separate parts. The first section is for students and academic staff and the second is for employment-related migrants entering the nation. Besides these present classifications, there are several four different tests in total that are analysed to provide a grade to each question within each group. For most nations, a score of 6 or above is considered acceptable for passing the exam.

Four Main Components of Each IELTS Section

The IELTS exam consists of two sections, as well as four main components to each section. The general test measures a candidate's ability to communicate effectively in an academic and employment-related setting, while the Academic test measures a candidate's ability to communicate in an environment similar to that which he or she may experience at an academic institution. For each component, there is then a separate scoring system that converts the candidates' raw scores into band scores with higher bands indicating a better level of proficiency. In many cases, a 6 band is considered acceptable for non-native speakers looking to immigrate to most nations.

The following are the key components of the IELTS exam

Listening: There are four parts, each of which has ten questions.

Reading: (Academic) Four reading passages with a series of questions and assignment categories. There will be three sections in this subsection (General). Up to three short texts, or multiple shorter pieces, may be included in Section 1. Two texts make up Section 2 and 3.

Writing: There are complex writing projects, each of which must be completed. There will be two Writing activities to accomplish for the General.

Speaking: The Speaking test involves a conversation between both the examinees and the examiners. Talking examinations are normally held independently from the other three components and are recorded.

Most Common Test of English Language Proficiency

As mentioned above, IELTS is the most common test of English language proficiency accepted by countries around the world. A large number of English-speaking countries accept it as a valid criterion for academic or professional eligibility. All major educational organizations in the UK, Canada and Australia use IELTS scores as valid criteria for determining admission requirements. In most cases, these are also required by native English speakers wishing to immigrate to those countries from non-native speaking English-speaking countries.

Accepted by a Large Number of Countries

As mentioned above, the IELTS is accepted by a large number of countries with English as a first or second language for academic eligibility. Also, most of the UK's and Canada's educational organizations accept the IELTS score as valid eligibility criteria for entry into an accredited program. Lastly, The UK and Canada require all professional immigrants from non-technical backgrounds to undergo this test.

Recognized by 135+ Countries

As previously mentioned, IELTS is recognized by more than 135+ countries around the world as a valid and accepted standard for granting professional and educational eligibility. In fact, the UK and Canada require all professional immigrants to have an IELTS score if they don’t have previous or ongoing technical training since British and Canadian professionals with only non-technical backgrounds are required to take this test regardless of what their country of origin might be.

TOEFL is Not Required

In most countries, a 6.5 band score on the IELTS does more than just qualify you to study at institutions—it also exempts you from being required to take TOEFL as a requirement for admission. This means that many universities in the United States and Canada are recognizing both IELTS scores and TOEFL scores at around 100 points.

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Accepted Band Score

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